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About Us

The Law Firm Caracuel Abogados together with Lexdatos have joined forces to form a professional team with years of legal and technical experience offering a high level of specialization for their clients, companies and organizations, complete multidisciplinary advice regarding the subject of Data Protection.


Since 1982 the Law Firm has had its head office in Marbella (Costa del Sol, Malaga) but counts on a wide network of professionals in the whole of Spain due to the Hispajuris organization which permits them to attend clients in any part of Spain, with offices in the main capitals and cities in Spain.


The objective is to give each of their client´s personal and quick attention, putting at their disposal a wide range of services in sectors like real estate, investments, and business societies, always advising and complying with the New Regulation regarding Data Protection (RGPD).

Data Protection

The holders of personal data have the right that their data be used for the means they have been acquired and on the behalf the organization guarantee these rights..


From the 25th of May the new RGPD must be applied.

DPD (Delegate for Data Protection)

The Delegate for Data Protection (DPD) is a new key figure who for public administration as well as some companies is obligatory.


Reglamento Europeo Protección de Datos


European Data Protection Regulation (in Spanish)

Guía Reglamento Europeo Protección de Datos

Guía del RGPD

European Regulation Guide


The new regulation came into being on the 25th of May 2016, but became obligatory as of the 25th of May 2018; therefor it is the moment to update the new regulation.


On the other hand, from the 25th of May 2018 it is obligatory to have the new regulation RGPD (General Regulation of Data Protection) implanted in our country, regulation approved by the European Commission, where each and every government within the European Union should carry out the adjustments adapted to the particularity of each country.




We have to adapt all our systems to the new regulation regarding Personal Data Protection to the new EU regulation:


o Principle of Proactive responsibility.
o The consent from the concerned must be clear.
o The information of the concerned must be transparent.
o Increase of the rights of the concerned.
o ARCO rights.
o Rights to oblivion.
o Limitation of treatment.
o Transferability.
o Specific obligation for the controllers.
o Incorporation of risk analysis.
o Register of activity of handling.
o Precession with respects to the security measures.
o Notification of the “violation of security of data”.
o Evaluation of impact regarding Data Protection.
o Delegate of Data Protection.

Implementation of Data Protection

1. Audits. 1. It is carried out with the person responsible of security, the meetings necessary to collect all the information of the company and its procedures:


a. Conciliate the structure of the files which lexdatos knows about with the person responsible of security.

b. Describe the structure of the computer system.

c. Describe the non-computerized structure.

d. Describe the procedures.

e. Identify the users and their responsibilities.


2. Elaboration of the clauses.


3. Elaboration of the contracts with those in charge of treatments if there are any.


4. Elaboration of the Security Document for the company, according to the current legislation.


5. Elaboration of the Confidentiality Contract for the users.


6. Sending the training manual to the users.


7. Advisory and consulting service which will be done during the management of the project.


8. Revision of documentation, together with the responsible of security.


9. Adaptation of the New Regulation.

Data Protection Delegate

The Data Protection Delegate DPD is an essential figure in all public companies and the majority of private companies too.

Delegado Protección de Datos

The Data Protection Delegate is a necessary figure in the entities, companies, institutions or any agent which processes personal data.


The obligation of hiring a Data Protection Delegate (DPD) exists in organizations and public institutes and entities with more than 250 workers. In cases where entities have less than 250 workers, it will be obligatory to have a DPD when a systematic and periodic follow up of personal data treated is necessary for the monitoring and investigation of the markets, risk analysis or credit data or solvency, as well as when data is classified as specifically protected.


The entities can determine and extent the duties of the DPD, which should have at least the following tasks:


a) Inform and advise the controller or person in charge of the treatment and the workers which are in charge of handling personal data of the obligations and other dispositions of data protection;


b) Supervise the compliance of the Regulation, the assigning of responsibilities, awareness and training of the personal which participate in the treatment operations, and the corresponding audits;


c) Offer advice which is asked for regarding the evaluation of impact relative to the data protection and supervise its implementation;


d) Co-operate with the control authority;


e) Act as the person of contact of the control authority for questions regarding the treatment of personal data including the prior consultation, and consult in this case, regarding any other matter.3

Responsabilidad del Delegado Protección de Datos

The main responsibility of the DPD consists in guaranteeing the compliance of the legislation regarding the privacy and protection of data of your organization, institute, company or corporation.


We are your DPD:




Experience with Control organisms.


Reduction of the cost.



Are you interested in our services?

We are here to help you!



Legal Defense

Defensa Jurídica

Extension of the services regarding data protection.

With the application of the new Regulation regarding Data Protection (RGPD), we see ourselves in the necessity of carrying out counselling not only technical in the implementation and execution of the new regulation, but also as your consultant and your DPD see the necessity to carry out a judicial analysis and in your defence case, to completely guarantee both the compliance as well as the necessary adjustments established in the previous analysis which have been carried out.


Offer quality service regarding technical and organizational measures of your organization.

Legal Defence

Before inspections and complaints, we offer judicial administrative defence as well as legal in order to defend our client’s rights.

Naturally, the best defence is that our client´s adequately comply with the current regulation.


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